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At Greenfellas, we have the green thumb so you don’t have to lift a finger. Our expert team of skilled landscape designers that offer landscaping and will create a wonderful garden for your home.

With specialist horticulture knowledge and the creativity to think outside the box we can advise on how best to regenerate your outside space to get the most from your natural landscape service.

Landscape Gardening service to suit the way you live.

With years of experience to draw upon we can give you a fresh perspective to create the perfect outdoor space to suit your lifestyle, timescales and budget. If you are time poor or gardening isn’t your thing then let our skilled landscaper work some magic and design a garden that looks great but is low maintenance.

Want a bespoke garden design service?

We are happy to work with all requests. Whether you have a specific idea in mind or want us to guide you through your options and then design a bespoke garden service for you, you can have peace of mind we will produce an attractive outdoor space. From initial consultation and design to final landscape construction and clearing up – we offer a seamless and tailored services.

Hard landscaping design by GreenFellas

Hard landscaping services relates to everything in your garden, other than the flowers, plants and trees! Often referred to as the backbone of your garden, it is common for hard landscaping to have a function and be a permanent fixture; for example a path, retaining wall or water feature. Need a quote? Give Greenfellas a call.

Soft landscaping design service, hard landscaping

Greenfelas landscape gardening offer soft landscaping refers to the planting scheme of your garden and normally takes place once your hard landscaping has been completed. This is often the exciting part and where you can let your imagination and creativity run wild.

It takes skill and many years of experience to know which plants, flowers and trees will make a suitable addition to a garden and what works well together. Just some of the things to consider are where the sun hits, creating extra privacy or backdrops. A tree planted in the wrong place can cause issues in the future, like blocking light or even causing damage to walls or underground pipes.

Our landscape gardening in North London offers soft landscaping services that include:

  • Planting beds and borders for a framework
  • garden fencing
  • Laying grass serivces
  • Improving your garden soil
  • Advising and supplying suitable trees, flowers and plants
  • Planting hedges
  • Vegetable plots
  • Pruning service
  • Tree removal or moving
  • Container planting service

Together hard and soft landscaping complement each other to help enhance your garden and make it a practical and striking outdoor space. Our horticultural team have the expertise to design a garden that works for your home and will thrive and look attractive throughout the seasons.

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